Outside/ In: Graffiti & Street Art Through the Photographer’s Lens

Time and Date: 
Friday, September 3, 2021 - 12:00pm to Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 12:00pm
Main Gallery


Curated by Renana Greenberg Kehoe

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 9, 7 PM  Click here for more info

Artist panel program: Tuesday, September 14, 7 PM  Click here for more info
Beer Garden + Art Talks event: Saturday, September 25, 2-5 PM Click here for more info
Film Screening: Voices in the Alley: Thursday, September 30, 7:30 PM Click here for more info

Exhibiting artists include:
Ashley Brito Pichardo
Mary Newell DePalma
Dicky Stock
Jen Tourtellot
Hector Velazquez

This exhibition features local artists’ photographs of graffiti and street art, many in Boston and the surrounding area as well as some from other locations. By viewing works of art that are traditionally outdoors now inside the gallery, we consider their relationship and place in the larger conversation about public art, street art, and public space. Additionally, viewing these artistic works through the lens of a different artist (the photographer) adds another element to the conversation. The photographs contemplate the impact of this art in its original setting and encourage viewers to consider the dialogue between the various graffiti artists’ intentions and the photographers’ views. What happens when we bring the outside in?

Download the Exhibition Pamphlet