The Mother Brook Arts and Community Center


In East Dedham, less than a mile outside of Dedham Square and bordering the City of Boston, the Mother Brook Arts & Community Center (MBACC) is developing a center with art and artists at its core.

MBACC is a non-profit organization created to act as a catalyst for the economic development, revitalization and enrichment of the surrounding neighborhood and the Town of Dedham. MBACC will establish and operate an arts and community center in a repurposed East Dedham, MA public school that includes never-developed waterfront on the oldest man made canal in the United States.

MBACC envisions the old Avery School as a hub of energy, experimentation and creativity, a multi-generational gathering place that uses the arts to build community. MBACC is committed to achieving excellence in programming, collaboration and renovation. We aspire to become a creative home, an environment that attracts artists of excellence and relevance, that inspires imagination and expands lives.

Join us we embark on this exciting journey!