Queen Adeline, Fashion Design

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Queen Adeline
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Paper and Textiles

Queen Adeline is a sustainable fashion brand dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind styles for women on the go. Each piece is inspired by the vibrant culture of Africa and is made using holistic and sustainable processes.

Our founder, Queen Allotey-Pappoe, was raised in Ghana and was always entranced by the scenes of hard-working women at the market in beautiful textile clothing in vibrant hues. As Queen ventured into the world of fashion and was shocked at the practices of fast fashion, the inspiration of these market scenes stayed with her. She decided to make wearable art, crafted with care, versatile enough for this hard-working woman who was juggling roles to confidently express herself, whilst minimizing her carbon impact on her world

Queen studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MASSART) worked for years in the Entrepreneurship and sustainability industry, until she finally brought her vision of Queen Adeline to life.

-Styles inspired by the colors and textiles of Africa.
-Timeless silhouettes that work for all occasions and inclusive of all body types
-Collections that empower local artisans.
-Ethical and sustainable practices.

Queen’s father would regularly say, “Life is meant to be lived here on earth and not in the grave.” This saying is a big inspiration in our mission here at Queen Adeline. We are meant to embrace every moment and one of the best ways to do this is to feel empowered and confident in ourselves - that is where well-made, beautiful clothes can help!

Every woman deserves to feel amazing in her clothes without sacrificing the environment and communities involved in creating those garments.