Bob Miller, Painting & Printmaking

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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School Street Studio
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Performance Center, Booth #11
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Dedham, MA

Artist Statement 

Either because of a short attention span, or an artistic curiosity, I continuously experiment with different combinations of media, subject matter and technique. With the human figure, I seek to observe and express some aspect of the human condition that I perceive the subject is experiencing. Coming from an architectural background, landscapes, buildings and some abstract pieces tend to be structurally composed. More recently, I have been very disturbed about the directions in which the US is being led by its government leaders. A mechanism for me to cope with my anxiety has been to paint and draw pieces that are political.

Note Worthy Events 

I have participated in group shows at Trinity College, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, The Country Club in Brookline and the Essex County Club. Decades after graduation from Trinity with a BA in Fine Arts, the College purchased five of my paintings, which were displayed in various college buildings. Other works are in private collections in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida. 
After Trinity, I studied architecture at U. of Penn and Boston Architectural College (BAC) and later taught at the BAC and ran seminars at the Harvard Grad. School of Design. I have taken art courses at the Museum School, Montserrat College of Art and Harvard. I served on the board of Montserrat and was the first President and Chair of Motherbrook.

Image1 Ttitle, size, medium: 
"The Real News" ; 36" x 24"; acrylic, oil, spray paint, Rustoleum, watercolor stick on canvas.
Image 2 Title, size, medium: 
"Mies"; 20" x 16"; acrylic,chalk, snap lines, marker on canvas.
Image 3 Title, size, medium: 
"Bob's First Selfie"; 12" x 10"; pen & ink and wash on paper.