Alan DeMola, Painting & Printmaking

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Alan's Studio
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Performance Center, Booth #9
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Readville, MA

Artist Statement

I  employ different styles, tools, techniques and subject matter from portraits of people to portraits of animals which makes me fully engaged because of the challenges each brings. I like to paint still life, landscapes, inner city buildings even include insects and birds if it adds to the creative process. I employ my drafting skills when needed and the use of photography for source images or sometimes it’s totally abstract in shape, design and color.

Most recently digital art has been my passion to create shapes, design and color to print on paper and aluminum plates. This is a huge departure from my traditional background because I’m using computer software to create it. Again a new medium and direction like digital Art has led me to new challenges and opens new doors and leads me to discovery.

After all these years somethings never change like the excitement of creating a new piece of art and then losing sleep thinking of it and how can I make it better.

My message is “how do you and I relate to my art” not really the medium.