Suzanne Grey, Sculptor & Painter

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Mixed Media and Assemblage
Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Studio 15, upper level

It is the mystery beyond the appearance that absorbs me.

My work reflects a fascination with archaeology and the ancient spirit. The mystery of existence, what is left behind and how it comes to us through time is contained in the artefacts that hold and reveal their secrets. I create artefacts by encrusting the surfaces of the paintings with plaster, crushed charcoal, marble dust, pigments, and, at times, rusted metals. There are numerous layers with symbols and lines that may remain visible in the end result, or buried. These layers are ghosts; to me, they echo the stratum of civilizations much like the deposits an archaeologist interprets when piecing together a story of human existence.

The horses carry similar layers. The gestures and attenuated limbs are a natural extension of the inner grace of the creatures that inspire them. The surfaces are imbued with an ancient quality. Geometric patterns, written words, pigmented wax and metal heighten the potential of what can and cannot be seen.