Full Access Artist

Artists in need of quiet, semi-private space may be best suited as a Full Access Artist for one year. Enjoy a rent based studio divided amongst two or three other ceramic artists. Get all the benefits of our Open Studio time, plus extra access. Use of the facility is granted around the clock with a key to the classroom and semi-private workspace, as well as the building front door. Semi-private spaces are furnished by the artists. These Artists are required to volunteer at Mother Brook Arts 3 hrs per month, in the ceramics program and/or elsewhere in the building and participate in annual Spring and Fall Open Studios.

Access the classroom during all open studio times. During class times Full Access Artists are expected to work in their own space, leaving the classroom studio for Open Studio Artists to work quietly. All semi-private rooms include a sink.

The option to mix glazes in our glaze lab is granted to Full Access Artists. Cone6 and low fire glazes can be formulated, and the program bills for materials used. Kiln use is scheduled by a simple sign-out log, and the program bills for bisques and glaze firings. All are responsible for their own firings. Full Access Artists can purchase clay bodies outside of the program. Our kiln room allows for Full Access Artists to potentially install their own kiln.

Email our ceramics director for availability information.