Leo Sutcliffe, Youth Painter

First Name: 
Last Name: 
Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
Company or Org Name: 
Museum of Leo's Art
Studio Location: 
Studio 6B, Main Level

Artist Statement:

"I like doing so many things with art. I like art because it's so much fun. I make art out of crayons, markers, paint and paper. I like drawing A LOT of vehicles like cars, fire trucks, police cars and boats. I like to use many colors, but I like red the best. I like having my art shows because I see all the things I have made. I hope it makes people happy to see it."

Artist Bio: 
Leo, a youth artist with an autism diagnosis, enjoys creating seasonal scenes, vehicles of all kinds, animals and various landscapes. While drawing is his first love, Leo is very creative at using shapes and other materials, morphing them into various objects. A resident of Dedham, Leo strives to progress each day to live his best life. During the pandemic, art was one of Leo’s primary activities. Through his artwork, he remembered the many things he loved but couldn't do because of social distancing. He used artwork during physical therapy sessions that became virtual during the pandemic—working on balance while he created themed, chalkboard drawings. Artwork was a source of happiness and self-regulation during such an unsettling time when Leo’s school and supporting therapies were halted. Leo's first art show was here at Mother Brook during the December 2019 Open Studios. That kickstarted selling Leo's artwork as the primary fundraising source for the 501c3, The Complete Puzzle, that his family founded to support the autism community: Individuals, Their Families and Therapists. Leo's art is sold primarily for $25 or less so it can be easily enjoyed by MANY. 100% of all funds raised from Leo's art sales support the autism community. In 2021, Leo and his family participated in over 30 events, raising over $3,000!