Full Tilt Print Studio, 24 Printmakers

First Name: 
Full Tilt
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Print Studio
Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
Studio Location: 
Main Level

Full Tilt Print Studio is a non-profit cooperative printmaking studio with 26 members who share resources and a love of prints.

Since Full Tilt Print Studio’s beginning, it has attracted strong, innovative printmakers. It began in 1970 as Experimental Etching Studio (EES), founded by Deborah Cornell, Jeannette Silverio, and Gretchen Ewert. By 1983, it had evolved into a cooperative, operating under the name EES Arts, which two decades later became a nonprofit. As members began exploring printmaking techniques beyond etching, the organization sought a name change. Thus, in 2013, Full Tilt Print Studio was born—a name that reflects not only the group’s creativity, but its drive and energy.

Approximately every 5 years studio members create a new portfolio. Each box contains a curated collection of prints by many artists, demonstrating various printmaking techniques and interpretations of the theme. The studio's portfolios are in the collections of the Boston Public Library, The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Wheaton College, The Worcester Art Museum and Universidade Feevale in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The collaborative nature of this work offers studio members an opportunity to connect as a cohesive group and to represent their work together as an archive. Sales of the portfolios help sustain the studio.