Lisa Greenfield, Painter

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Studio 16, Upper Level


Artist Statement

In Lisa Greenfield’s paintings, subtle shifts in colors are mixed and combined with cold wax to create a thick, velvety medium that is applied to the surface by palette knife. There are multiple layers being manipulated, scratched, covered, masked and revealed. There is a push-pull between foreground and background. Angles and lines are protruding and receding, sometimes indistinguishably blurred, creating a scuffed geometric landscape that invites the viewer in for a closer look.  Her most recent work has been influenced by the light and shadows playing out on paper, as seen in the paper airplanes and origami constantly being constructed by the artist’s 9-year old son.

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Convergence, 30 x 40 Oil and Wax on Canvas, 2019
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Adamas, 30 x 40 Oil and Wax on Canvas, 2022
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Flight Pattern, 30 x 40 Oil and Wax on Canvas, 2022
Artist Bio: 
Ms. Greenfield is an Artist and Urban Planner who has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Brandeis University and a master’s degree in Urban Planning from Harvard University. She has been an active member of Boston’s Fort Point Arts Community for many years and is excited to now be a part of the MotherBrook Arts Community. In addition to being a painter, Ms. Greenfield has had a successful career as a public artist. She is well known for her work “Starry Night” in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. She has received many grants and awards.