Laurie Bloom, Ceramic Artist

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Pottery, ceramics, and glass
Studio Location: 
Studio 4A, lower level
Artist Bio: 
I find working with clay an emotionally immersive experience that enables me to express my self freely. In working with this medium I have always felt there is no beginning and there is no end; it is always in process. I hand build, primarily with stoneware slab and with bits and pieces. In my first shared studio, I was known as the one who was driven to scavenge the leftover pieces. I am always drawn to the raw edges and naturally occuring movement of clay. Altering surfaces, using layers of color and rubbing them through, and asymmetry are also my hallmarks. I sometimes lean toward creating larger wall hung pieces, that may be functional (e.g., wall sconce) or not (e.g., whimsical pieces representing relationships between creatures and their environment). I sometimes am drawn to creating table top pieces, often troughs, sometimes incorporating found wood. At other times I will be immersed in creating groups of small emotionally expressive creatures that are also banks or salt/pepper shakers. I tend to use layers of glaze- often underglaze- which I may rub into, to create a sense of the passage of time. I am always more interested in my work showing age.