Elizabeth Slayton, Painter

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
Studio Location: 
Studio 17, upper level

Elizabeth Slayton attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Penn State University and Massachusetts College of Art. She has been painting and exhibiting for more than 35 years, showing in solo and group shows throughout the US and abroad. Her paintings are included in private and corporate collections.

Artist Bio: 
In the last several years I have been painting large scale, non-traditional, realistic still life in oil on canvas. In this work I have been interested in evoking the is-nessof things, the simplicity of things as they are in their particularity. I have been drawn to details, to roundness and volume, to aliveness, luminosity, stillness and clarity. In these paintings, the objects have expanded beyond the edges of the canvas. This up-closeness creates a sense of immediacy, intimacy and participation, a sense of being here, in the moment, without reservation. A new series of paintings represents a dramatic shift from my earlier work. As the series title Threshold suggests, this work emerges out of profound changes in my life, releasing expansive and unrestrained new energy, colors and depth. The threshold crossed has moved my paintings into an exploration of the interiority of aliveness, an exploration of the life force itself, the vital energy that infuses all things.