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K&L Ceramics

Adult Ceramic Greenware Class

Basic techniques of cleaning greenware will be taught in this course. This will be a student-led class, where the student will pick their project. Each student will receive individual attention as needed.In this course the student will bring a piece of ceramic to completion, starting from a greenware state. Techniques of glazing and staining will be covered, as well as specialized forms of painting. Advanced techniques will be taught based on the student’s knowledge and interest.

Instructors: Katharine Hartford/Laura Smith

Class Details

Tuesday/Thursday- 6:30-9:30pm
Studio Fee $9.00 Drop in rate + the cost per piece of ceramic
(Studio fee covers glaze and stains)
New students can purchase a tool and brush kit for $20.00
​Additional brushes available for purchase

*Note, this is an on-going class. There will be dates we do not meet, please check the schedule on  for a complete listing. 

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K&L Ceramics