Susan Strouse, Painter

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Studio 17, Upper Level
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Artist Statement

I am very grateful to have art-making as a driving force throughout my life. Constantly composing and breaking down all that surrounds me into elements of design is exciting, grounding and has been my survival. I do not plan or sketch out a route that a painting or quilt will take, but rather let falling into the process set the whole thing into motion. When the painting is finished with me, and as I step back to review and unravel, the title falls into place. The viewer is invited to have their own experience and interpretation.

Combining my love of art and nature, and while a resident artist at Waltham Mills on Moody St, I founded Artful Gardens. For 25 years, I had the pleasure of designing and building residential landscapes, spending my days outside in the gardens.

Now, in my new, sun-filled studio, I am excited to be a part of MotherBrook Arts and Community Center in Dedham MA, working among a great group of talented artists in an organization with an inspirational mission.

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In The Air
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Soft Landing