Percy Fortini-Wright, Painter

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Studio 1, Lower Level

Artist Statement

Merging representational painting and graffiti vernacular I interpret, depict, and decipher the world around and within me.  Like an alchemist studying different relationships of proportion, what inspires me to constantly make art is my love for creating form and how light can reveal it.

Recent paintings string together work created from memory, or from direct observation of places, spaces and faces, sampling imagery, but not limiting how my images operate blurring the lines between practices and impressions of subjects.. The subjects vary from land and cityscapes, and portraits, still life’s, and objects. As a graffiti artist I bring that same energy into my pieces, showing a carefree innocence with bold daring marks not distinguishing between a scribble and fully realized object.

Using spray paint mixed with the physical nature of the calligraphic mark my pieces investigate relationships of linguistic entanglement as form. Many times the subjects are letters either tagged or written fast into the pieces elaborately camouflaged into a three dimensional “wildstyle” form of lettering. Through the ethereal qualities of spray paint juxtaposed with the physical nature of the calligraphic mark I deface my images with words and words with images expressing there limitations and intricate connections. Being multiracial my work explores numerous expressions and identities at times creating an explosive melting pot of images constantly searching for threads of unification, as a result my work embodies chaos and clarity balancing perceived opposites.