Megan Stelzer, Metalsmith & Jeweler

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Striving to create work that is not only aesthetically pleasing but reflects her unique voice, Megan’s jewelry is a culmination of all her experiences abroad and beyond.

Working with copper, sterling silver and brass, Megan tries to create unique work that is comfortable and enhances the beauty of the wearer. Megan avoids symbolism in her jewelry, preferring to create things from her subconscious. Her work ranges from clean and sharp shapes to more organic and hammered forms with recurring motifs of things Megan loves: jellyfish, flying saucers, blades, armor, Russian architecture and art for their revolution.

Having grown up with two creative people, Megan was introduced to jewelry making in her teens. Her father got her and her sister jobs working for Thomas Mann, a local but nationally renowned jeweler. Under Mann’s dutiful tutelage, Megan’s interest in the medium piqued and after moving to Los Angeles with her sister, she worked for another jewelry team, Chris and Isabelle Brightman. Forgoing the traditional high school instruction, Megan further studied metalsmithing at Santa Monica College of Design, Art, and Architecture. She also had the opportunity to travel around Europe for 6 months, an experience that has had lasting effects on her eye for design and proportion.

Initially, Megan made furniture using scrap metal and rusted steel, but she continued designing jewelry. Overtime, Megan found herself drawn more and more to jewelry making and decided to focus solely on that.  Working out of her studio located in the Button Factory in Portsmouth, NH, she continues practicing this time-honored craft, creating jewelry that has not only a modern appeal, but truly reflects her unique perspective.