Loes Venker-DeNoo

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Mixed Media and Assemblage
Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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@ loes_venker
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Studio 13, Upper Level
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Dedham, MA

Artist Statement

In my art work composition, color and shapes are key elements. They are basically what I “see” first when I look around for subjects or when an idea pops up into my head. Shapes of color arrange themselves, working together with the topic at hand, which can range from a conceptual idea to a landscape. Sometimes they want to be expressed in paint, sometimes they require other materials, like fabric or wood. But whatever the subject matter and material, my art work strives to be harmonious and calm. It likes poetry better than heated discussions. But it nevertheless wants to have its say.

For my illustrations I love to work in pen & ink, usually in black and white. Like in my art work, composition and shapes are important, but patterning is a third key element. As a basis for my illustrations I prefer to use live drawings: no better way to catch people’s postures and expressions.

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I Am So Bored
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Wandering Dog
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Late Afternoon Cycling Tour at Schier