Mary Mattei, Painting & Printmaking

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Mary Mattei
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Performance Center, Booth #4
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Roslindale, MA

Artist Statement

Over the last few decades, I have concentrated on capturing the power, energy, and movement of nature through abstract painting that shifts the gaze between color-rich layers, heaving surfaces, and undulating organic shapes. My immersion in and through the art world cuts an intellectually curious route to a deeply emotional level that allows the process and materials to define the path to the ultimate form. Building up multiple tiers of colors and then scraping paint away reveals rich textures, surprising tones, and lyrical patterns that define the image.

My process of constructing a painting—from substrate to ground to surface—resembles an archeological dig in reverse.  I start with the accumulation of pigment and media and follow with the deconstruction of the original tiers of colors.  Alternating between adding shapes and elements and scaping through the saturated stratums I uncover the very history of the progression. I seek the surprise of the found forms within this newly revealed history.