Cristina Nelson, Mixed Media

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Mixed Media and Assemblage
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Boxology Mixed Media
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Performance Center, Booth #13
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Jamacia Plain, MA

Artist Statement

When asked what my work is about, I evade answering because I don’t have an overarching philosophy or guiding principle.  Because of my training as a historian of US and gender history, and my use of vintage images and materials,  my work can be loosely interpreted as evocative of history and memory. However, it is generally free of the theoretical insights that inspire and guide many artists.  I am wary of establishing a single top-down story for my pieces.  Rather, like history itself, they are subject to individual evocation, storytelling, interpretation, and contextualization.

As far as my process, the objects or pictures I’ve assembled on my attic worktable tend to dictate what shape the work will take.  The elements slowly form into what viewers tell me is a “story.”  But it’s their story, their context, their interpretation.  My work, with few exceptions, is mostly defined by the viewer. 

Certainly, my work draws from a historical sensibility, but it also tips its hat to postmodernity. I’ve been inspired by artists too numerous to single out.  However, in particular, the insights and sentiments of Joseph Cornell, Lenore Tawney, and Kurt Schwitters have moved and motivated me. In addition, I draw inspiration from the fine work of the mixed-media artists who grace the pages of the fine Canadian quarterly publication Kolaj.  

Lately, I have been experimenting with a slightly different form inspired by a Spanish artist.  On a visit to Carolina Cruz Guimarey’s Santiago gallery I was struck by her work, in which she fuses book art, collage, and assemblage. She creates collages and assemblages on books, but far surpasses the tired institution of the altered book. She crafts  fresh, vivid works that speak to a potent,  postmodern sensibility.