Sue Stein, Ceramic Artist

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Pottery, ceramics, and glass
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Instagram- @srsceramics
Studio Location: 
Studio 4C, Lower Level
Artist Bio: 
I have always lived in a visual world and art has always been essential to my core. From drawing to painting, printmaking and photography I have pursued creative expression. In my career, I have had the pleasure working with talented dancers, set designers, jewelers, potters and fiber artists. Watching them work and grow has lead me to trust the process. SRS Ceramics is the natural outgrowth of years of casual study but now I am fully immersed in the practice of making. My functional forms provide a surface for line & texture. Each piece is one of a kind and meant for everyday use. It’s the joy of each stage: throwing, trimming and glazing that gives me pleasure. Everyday offers new exploration.