Susan Strouse, Painter

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Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
Paper and Textiles
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Studio 17, 2nd Floor
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I am very grateful to have art-making as a driving force thoughout my life. Constantly composing and breaking down all that surrounds me into elements of design, is exciting, grounding and has been my survival.

I do not plan or sketch out a route that a painting or quilt will take, but rather let the first stroke of color or fabric swatch lead the way. Falling into the process, and as each addition sets the whole thing into motion, the piece takes on a life of its own. When the painting is finished with me, the first idea that pops into my head ususally becomes the title. The viewer is invited to have their own experience and interpretation.

When I feel that I need to slow down, step away from the paint throwing and get disciplined with technique, I turn to quiltmaking. The precise cutting and stitching is calming, and I take great pleasure in accomplishing accuracy in piecing it all together.

The physical nature of creating along with the exteme soul searching is life affirming.