Nathaniel Haduch (Mixed Media/Painting)

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Mixed Media and Assemblage
Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing
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Cambridge, MA
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new england call to art website

Artist Statement

I believe in Art’s ability to express the inexpressible. My work is the closest representation of my depression that I have found, and it also is my best source of alleviation of my depression. Each piece is improvised as a release of feeling and is destroyed if it is not definitive and unique in my canon. I make large use of oxidized metal in order to mimic the aging of the manufactured world and to create unpredictable circumstances between media. Besides this, little is suggested to the viewer in language or representation in order to allow each piece to elicit emotional responses that are unique to the viewer. 

Recent Awards, Honors, Newsworthy Activities

Solo Exhibition: Aeronaut Brewery, Somerville MA, December 2015-January 2016
Solo Exhibition: Bisq, Cambridge MA, October-November 2016
Solo Exhibition: Lord Hobo, Cambridge, MA, October-November 2016
Group Exhibition: La Brasa, Somerville, MA June 2017

Honorable Mention, Imago Foundation for the Arts Mixed Media Exhibition, Warren RI, October 2016

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Untitled, 48x48x1.5", rusted iron, copper patina, and acrylic on canvas
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Untitled, 50x44x1.5", copper, copper patina, marble and acrylic on canvas
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Untitled, 48x48x1.5", rusted iron and copper patina on canvas