John Holz, Jewelry

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Stinson Brook Designs

Artist Statement

My designs are typically inspired by either nature or geometry, but refined by the application of engineering to the initial concept. This results in thinking about how to execute the design efficiently as part of the design process itself. 

My design style tends to exhibit the influence of Art Deco and mid-century contemporary concepts. It is also critically influenced both by my education (mathematics and science), as well as by the available technology (TIG welders, micro stakes, etc.).

After a career in developing high tech products, creating decorative and functional objects is a way to marry creative concepts with the development process.

Recent Awards, Honors, Newsworthy Activities

1. Registrar for annual Natick Artists Open Studios (ongoing)
2. Part of Rock, Paper, Scissors – 50 years of Exeter Fine Crafts exhibition
3. Fuller Crafts Museum member exhibition - 2012