Katharine Hartford, Ceramicist

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Pottery, ceramics, and glass
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K & L Ceramics
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K - For as long as I can remember ceramics has been a part of my life in one form or another. As a child I remember my mother bringing home her pieces of ceramics that she had worked on in her weekley class. I had hoped that one day I too would be able to join her. Throughout my adolescence I studied ceramics at my public high school, as well as private workshops. There I studied the art of throwing and hand built pottery. I soon discovered my passion for clay art and wanted to continue on with my education in ceramics. I have taken classes at SMFA and Emmanuel College in Boston. After the birth of my son I found a ceramics studio in Abington, MA where my mother and I attended a weekly ceramics class. Our instructor Linda Samson of C-Side Ceramics became a mentor as well as a good friend. My journey through ceramics has led me to the opening of my own studio. Along side my mother we hope to provide a place where people can come and share in the art ceramics. 


L-  I was first introduced to the art of ceramic painting through my mother. She was a fine arts painter who became interested in ceramics in the mid 1980's. We would meet once a week at a ceramics class. Over the years I have learned many painting techniques and have created several pieces of ceramics that I am proud of.  After a short lapse in my ceramics training, I became re-introduced to the art of ceramics when my daughter began her own study in pottery and ceramics. Up to the present day I have been attending classes in ceramics.  I am very excited to be opening a studio with my daughter.