Open Studio Program

Those who require more open studio time for their creative process should consider becoming an Open Studio Artist (OSA). For the length of any given session, OSAs in the ceramics program provides individuals with their own personal shelf for projects, tools and clay. OSAs  purchase clay from the studio and have the option to recycle scrap clay on personal shelves.

Open Studio Artists are required to have experience in clay studios. A prerequisite Ceramics 101 Crash Course is available for all potential Open Studio Artists, both privately or in groups. This course is required due to the absence of supervision and abundance of open studio time. Open studio time throughout the session is available to all when the building is open 10am-9pm. Artists will receive a key to the classroom and additional work room, as well as the building front door. This unsupervised work time requires all Open Studio Artists to be responsible for proper use and clean up of the studio. Open Studio Artists’ artwork is fired by the program, and pay no additional materials fee.

While classes take place Open Studios Artists are allowed access in the classroom, and a separate workspace located across the hall from the classroom. In this area Open Studio Artists will have their personal shelf, work tables, and pottery wheels. All classes are expected to run uninterrupted by Artist activity. Those interested in taking a class receive a reduced tuition rate.

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